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#WorldSweeteners Meet Sasha Dale

09 Mar 2021 / #worldsweeteners

Meet Sasha Dale

Sasha Dale

Sasha is a portrait photographer who is sweetening the world through brand and boudoir photography. Beyond a simple photo, Sasha believes in empowering women by showing them how they look through her eyes- flawlessly beautiful.

Sasha is a self-taught photographer, who came from a professional world of construction and military. She began dabbling in photography by shooting high school seniors. She loved it for a while but noticed that she didn't really connect with their age group. She felt like she was trying too hard to create a connection with them. A makeup artist she worked with suggested that she try boudoir- not with high school students.

She was nervous but gave it a go and found it was the most freeing and empowering experience. What she thought would be an uncomfortable shoot where she was clothed and her makeup artist was in lingerie was actually incredibly relaxed and BEAUTIFUL. To see her embrace her stretch marks and to celebrate her womanhood and the changes her body has made over the years was eye opening and that was the moment she knew that THIS was where she needed to be. She needed to help women see the beauty in their existing skin and to remove the notion that they will 'never be as pretty as they were when they were young.'

Since that time, her business, and mission, have grown tremendously. She has grown as an individual in the process of photographing women and she's started to love her own body more and celebrating women more and more.

She is most proud of the 'My Body Project' where she photographed nearly 50 women in the summer of 2019. Women chose to wear as little as nothing for this shoot to celebrate their unique body and she created an incredibly empowering image showcasing that in nearly 50 women, not one is the same... there is NOT one 'perfect body'... EVERY body is perfect, and beautiful and unique and that's what makes the human race so incredible.

Sasha photographs all women including those who live with disabilities, because sometimes they are left out. They feel because they are different, they can't have the same experience as an abled person. She is fighting to change that. This year she has photographed three women who use wheel chairs, a woman missing part of her arm - and more requests coming in. She is inspired by these women who live with a disability yet they will not allow this disability to disable their ability to feel beautiful and empowered.

Her brand is beautiful, free and empowering. Her studio offers a full service experience for her clients including pre-session planning consultations and wardrobe guidance, professional hair and makeup application, a fully guided and styled photoshoot, plus a private in person reveal appointment to custom product orders. Clients hire her for the experience they receive, not just the photographs. She likes to treat her clients like a celebrity for the day and thinks that seeing her clients feel like royalty is the best.

You can find her in Mystic, CT, visit her online for boudoir or branding, or hangout with her on Facebook or Instagram, @sashadalephotography