Here’s what others are saying…

“In working with HoneyMap over the past year, I have come to greatly appreciate what Sarah brings to my business and the ways in which she delivers it. As a business owner, I often get caught up in the day to day and don’t always have time to think and plan for the future on a convenient schedule, but Sarah is always there to bounce ideas off well outside of the nine to five without complaint, often with even more energy than I feel about the next task at hand. That excitement is an asset to me all on its own. Pest control can be a less than exciting business from time to time, but she attacks my challenges with vigor and energy that I don’t often see in this industry. Even though (and probably because) her background is in marketing rather than pest control, she always has a unique and creative perspective on how we can reach and engage more customers, and combined with her sometimes brutal honesty, she has the ability to push me outside of my comfort zone and take action on these ideas even though I can be a bit stubborn and over cautious with my business. Thank you Sarah.”

“As a serial Entrepreneur it’s hard to nail down where your next new venture will lead you. After 25 years of wearing the same identity, I decided to try something completely new. This new journey began in 2015, leading me down a path where I emerged as a leading Financial Coach, onward with steps to becoming a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, onward to writing a #1 Best Selling book, and journeying around the country over the past year, speaking about my passion ~teaching others that Financial Consistency is what leads to Financial Stability and helping Entrepreneurs regaining their financial foundations in life & business so they would win the freedom they set out to capture in the first place. With all of these ‘forks in the road’ my insights to how I wanted to serve, whom I could best serve, where I wanted to serve, became clearer and clearer, but as I moved through the weeds over the past few years, I had no brand identity (heck I was trying to identity my identity!) and was unclear UP UNTIL NOW. One of my top goals for 2019 was getting who I am in alignment with what I do today and helping lift the fog/confusion messaging that happens when you bob and weave through building a new business. Today I have a successful 6-figure coaching practice but my branding and messaging totally needed help to reach more people and help me leverage my time.”

“I thought that the whole concept was great!!”

“Working with Sarah Michelle to create my HoneyMAP for my real estate business was both easy and enjoyable. I have been a licensed realtor in Massachusetts since February 2012 yet it has really been the last 6-12 months that I made the decision to focus on growing and marketing myself and my business. Sarah is incredibly knowledgeable on how to take the scramble of thoughts that I had about the vision for my business and put them into logical thoughts down on paper in a way that is both understandable and digestible. Utilizing my HoneyMAP, I have been able to market to my client base in a consistent manner that I always wanted but could not figure out how prior to working with Sarah. While I have been in the business for over eight years, working through this process gave me an increased amount of confidence in myself and my business which I was an added bonus I was not expecting when I started. I would highly recommend investing in a HoneyMAP to all business owners looking for a roadmap to success.”

“Sarah’s copywriting and out of the box thinking will help move your business to the next level. She is witty and creative in her writing and marketing ideas. She will think about new and innovative ways to increase ROI and get your product or service in front of the right people. She gets projects finished on time and within budget. Sarah is a great communicator who leads well and is an important asset in any team!”

“Sarah is the first person you want on your team when starting or reevaluating your business. Her extensive knowledge on brand strategy and knowing your ideal clients is imperative to the initial and ongoing success of any business. She is also an incredibly kind, straight forward, and fun person! I would recommend her to anyone and everyone!”

“Working with Sarah has been a truly informative and impactful experience! Her creativity is limitless and allows her to create marketing strategies that are both unique and effective. Through our many conversations, I’ve learned that she takes the time to get to know you as her client, so she can produce the results that you want. Her strong knowledge base of the marketing industry, professionalism, and unyielding work ethic to get the job done make for a winning combination. Sarah is an absolute joy to work with and I highly recommend her services!”

“Sarah is my go-to when I have a need for marketing or branding advice, or in general need to discuss business strategy. Her pragmatic but fresh approach is exactly what I need to hear as a business owner faced with so many avenues and choices.”

“Sarah is a doer, a juggler, a strategist, a listener and problem solver. I’ve never met anyone who can switch gears on a moment’s notice so often throughout the day with such ease and grace. It’s no wonder she collects hats. It’s a coincidental metaphor for all the hats she wears on projects day to day. In a nutshell, I believe Sarah would be a valuable asset for any clients or project she accepts.”

“Sarah is talented and thoughtful beyond belief, and I’m so grateful for the critical lens she brings to the S.P.A.R.K. table. She created HoneyMAP, a consulting agency that works with businesses who want to sweeten the world. They help people-minded businesses with brand identity, marketing strategy, and messaging. They offer comprehensive marketing audits and planning decks in addition to topic-specific education and services within brand identity, marketing strategy, and messaging. In an effort to help others sweeten the world, 10% of all time and profits made at HoneyMAP are given directly to helping charities and non-profits globally. She’s so thoughtful, thorough, and intentional. My marketing strategy has gotten so much clearer and more intentional! I see marketing differently. She really cares about her clients and is committed to co-constructing a plan that authentically works for the vision/mission of the business and business owner. So grateful for your SPARK that allows our SPARK to shine bright, Sarah!”

“Sarah is the type of person that every company craves: always smiling, innovative and well-spoken. Her brainstorming skills are superb, and the input she gives is well-thought out.”

“Hard-working, conscientious, understands the promotion process and what it takes to get customers in the door.”

“My overall experience with Sarah was truly amazing! I am an entrepreneur with tons of ideas. With every meet up with Sarah she was able to center me and help focus on organizing my vision and ideas. She also was a great encouragement, there were times I was hard on myself thinking I am not doing enough and she gave me the most awesome advice. She told me learn how to celebrate all your wins and write them down. Ever since I started this it has allowed me to appreciate the process of my entrepreneurship journey and encouragement that I’m doing just fine…Sarah thank you because you were truly an inspiration and blessing.”

“Sarah has been great to work with. Her knowledge and insight was much appreciated. She listened to my needs and provided creative and innovative ideas that proved to be very useful. She is pleasant, easy to talk to and a true pleasure to do business with.”

“I have worked with Sarah on various projects for over a decade. We have collaborated on branding and campaigns from conception through completion and she is a great team member. She is able to think through branding from both visual and content perspectives and knows how to take a cohesive approach to building a successfully branded business. Most recently we collaborated on my freelance design company and her agency, Honey MAP. She was the perfect partner to think through all of the strategy needed in a brand launch while I created all of the visual content. From drafting a business plan and marketing plan to implementing brand identity, marketing strategy and messaging, she knows how to keep the big picture while navigating the fine details. I look forward to continued collaboration and working closely with Honey MAP on future projects.”

“Sarah has an amazing way with words and explaining things. As I venture onto a new part of my business I struggled with how to explain who I am and what I was offering since I’m well known for my current services. The elevator pitch class was so helpful with getting my thoughts together and now she continues to help me perfect my verbiage with this. I would recommend everyone take this class no matter where you are at with your business.”

“Sarah is able to help entrepreneurs really focus in on what their true identity is. She lays out the process in step by step methods and works very closely with you during the process. Working with her allowed me to see what my brand really is, who my true audience is and learn to turn my marketing into revenue. I highly recommend her services to the entrepreneur who is ready to reach their next level and beyond.”

Workshop Reviews

If you’re looking for a marketing plan, a HoneyMap can completely help you redefine your business and get you on the track to having a complete plan of action. The Get Real Workshop helped me to re-examine my identity as a business woman, what my business stands for, and helped me find clarity on my target audience and how to reach them effectively. I found this workshop to be extremely helpful and very well organized. I would highly recommend Sarah and her work.

After working with HoneyMAP, I felt more prepared to talk about myself in networking gatherings because I had a clearer vision of my business and brand. I was able to identify my target market better, write a more professional bio and plan for ways to scale my services as a direct result of her ideas and guidance. I think my biggest ah-ha moment was connecting me (my identity) to my brand and allowing myself to use and market what makes my voice unique. It increased my revenue, and I have continued to work very hard but I think that my branding is much clearer now and I am getting the type of clients who want to work with me. They are drawn to me now. I have absolutely seen an increase in coaching clients, specifically. Sarah is down to earth, cares, and very personal. The HoneyMAP process was very clear and helpful; I wouldn’t change a thing. I would work with Sarah again without a doubt. Sarah is responsive, professional, helpful, collaborative and knowledgeable! It has been a joy to work with her.

Earlier this year I participated in Sarah Michelle’s Elevator Pitch workshop. In a short period of time she helped all the attendees gain clarity around the mission and vision of their company, and find the language to effectively communicate what they have to offer and what makes them unique. I would highly recommend working with her, as you will leave feeling empowered and ready to share your business in any setting you may find yourself.

As a participant in the Summer Get Real Workshop, I am continually blessed and challenged by Sarah and the other participants. It has been a great opportunity to grow and do some soul searching for my business as well as personally. It would be a good opportunity for someone starting out, rebranding or even just readjusting. You get to do those things with guidance from Sarah who gives you the framework and sets you on the path to discovery with helpful information, Sarah’s professional opinion (SO helpful!!), and great (challenging) assignments to help grow your business. So excited Honey MAP is continuing these workshops!!

Participating in the CEO workshop with Sarah Michelle and Mary Damm was fun and engaging! It was great to meet and spend time with other women CEO’s and get to know their stories, share high and low points as business owners, and get clear with our own CEO mindsets. Sarah created a safe space to share ideas, give feedback, and consider how we look at ourselves as a CEO. Mary’s creativity helped us own our CEO position with an inspiring project to remind us we are all remarkable courageous women! I highly recommend participating in this event and working with Sarah Michelle to get clear on your CEO mindset!

I love the mindset work about reframing your negative voice. Pure genius!

I just had the opportunity to jump on a 2 hr zoom call with Sarah for a workshop on how to help grow my business during the quarantine. Honestly it was the best thing I could have done to feel motivated and inspired. She has a great workbook that allows you to take a deep dive into conducting a brand audit. I couldn’t be more thankful for the knowledge and the comfort it has given me as I approach my clients virtually. Thank you for your time and the true value you have given me to self reflect.