Start Here.

Whether you are using this map for yourself as you try on 99 different hats, or you’re sharing it with other team members and collaborative partners, this is the place to start.

There are thousands of ways to grow (we promise this is a good thing!), but where do you start? What kind of budgets are appropriate for efficient ROI? Rather than throwing your marketing at the wall like spaghetti to see what sticks, HoneyMAP will help you understand what kind of time and dollars are necessary to achieve success in different marketing channels, so that we can find the most efficient path for you to reach your goals.

Marketing should never be an expense. It should be an investment.

When it comes to spending your time or dollars to grow your business, there’s no room for guessing. We will look at all of the growth options available to you, from things we can tweak within the business, to the places we can spread the message.

You’ll have everything you need to clearly articulate your brand and a roadmap that includes all of your growth options. Once you can see all of the internal business adjustments and external marketing channels that are available to you, you’ll be ready to jump into your next steps for business growth – one priority at a time.

What is a HoneyMAP?

You may have a great plan for your brand and marketing- but is that what your clients are experiencing? Are you missing potential revenue just because your potential clients don’t understand what they are missing?

First impressions are important, but retention is vital to success.

Statistically, 80% of your business will come from 20% of your clientele.

This means repeat business is a goldmine of opportunity, so consistency and continuity of your brand within the entire customer experience is crucial for maintaining brand loyalty and customer engagement.

Beyond your logo and website, your brand is reflected through every interaction, i.e. how you engage with your team, your project management flow, your programs and products, etc. Continuity ensures that not only do you have a clear brand identity that you can articulate in your marketing, but your brand is also clearly implemented throughout your entire client journey.

HoneyMAP is designed to look at who you are and who you’re talking to, to create a clear roadmap between your core message and your core audience. Rather than segmenting out a marketing plan, a business plan, funnels, metrics, goals, leadership, internal culture, customer relations, and the hundreds of other pieces that go into a successful business, HoneyMAP gets to the root of what really matters- your brand- and brings all the pieces together so you can create more revenue, more enjoyment, and leave a bigger legacy, with less work.

Sweet Perks

• Get clarity on your brand values, messaging, and how you’re positioned in the market space

• Ensure you’re investing your time in the right places to reach the right people

• Clarify messaging so that you can work with clients you enjoy in a business that you love

• Feel confident in investing your time and dollars, knowing it is going to come back to you tenfold

• Gain outside objective perspective from someone who intimately knows your business, on what your value truly is so that you can reach more of your ideal clients

Every HoneyMAP is different because every brand is different.

The HoneyMAP has been designed to scale and serve amazing people at every stage of their business. In your consultation call, Sarah will ask you a few questions about your business and brand goals, and make a tailored recommendation for the HoneyMAP that will best serve your brand. Once you have a core HoneyMAP, you can continue to build and refine the specific strategies as you grow. Whether you are taking this map in-house, to an agency partner, or working directly with Sarah through quarterly consultation, you will have a clear roadmap that will guide your business through every step.


Consistent branding through all of your internal and external communications greatly shortens your timeline through sales and ensures that you are not wasting your time or resources in marketing guesswork.

Customers need to interact with you 7-10 times to feel comfortable enough to act on a purchase or engagement.

Often there may be a brand identity, a business plan, and/or a marketing strategy, but these pieces get translated by a number of agency partners, each of whom are interpreting the brand in their own language.

This creates a telephone effect, where the consistency of the message becomes fragmented. So instead of your customer meeting you seven times with the same message, they end up meeting seven different people once, with seven different messages.

The easier and shorter a path is between introduction and action, the higher the likelihood is for a successful conversion.

When you are a small business with big goals, every communication matters because every dollar matters.

Branding is more than a logo. It’s more than a color, or a website. Your brand is the heartbeat of your business- and it starts with you.

HoneyMAP connects your core values to your core audience, so that your next step, is never a misstep. 

Whether you are a solopreneur, small business owner, C-Suite leaders, or an industry thought leader, there is a HoneyMAP for you. Schedule a complementary consultation call to create the perfect MAP for your brand.

Start Here. Then Keep Going.

Instead of starting over each time you work with a new brand partner, share your HoneyMAP! Imagine the outcome if everyone on your team could be at the same table and understand the end goal: your photographer would understand that photos can be used across your website, social media, speaking sheets, mailers; your SEO specialist would know which of your services and communications can be optimized; your speaking engagements could use the same language that your audience will find on your website…

There is no shortcut to success, but there is an easier path. Your HoneyMAP can grow with you on every new adventure.

Are you a C-Suite Executive or representing a larger business and looking for a more in-depth brand consultation? Contact us to ask about custom consultation packages with Sarah.